Duct Design & Installation

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Out of sight, out of mind. Commonly located in crawl spaces, attics and basements, problems with ductwork often go unnoticed.

Ductwork in Central New York is often under-appreciated. Without a properly working duct system, your home will not be as comfortable or energy efficient as it needs to be. Ductwork issues, such as air leaks, improper sizing or obstructions can cause uneven temperatures, high energy bills and issues with indoor air quality. Proper ductwork design and ductwork installation are the backbone of a quality heating system.

Greater Home Comfort

Ductwork design impacts airflow and air delivery throughout your home. Imbalances result in rooms that are uncomfortably cold or drafty. Properly sizing your duct system allows proper airflow to all areas of your home. Installing new ductwork can help solve many of the issues that degrade comfort in your home, helping you to achieve optimum comfort.

Cut Heating Bills

Leaks in your ducts cause valuable heated air to escape, often to areas of the home that are unheated. This causes your heating system to compensate. Working harder can cause your heating system to wear out more quickly or require more service calls.

When we engineer a duct system, we are especially mindful of spaces in your home with uneven temperature, and many of these issues are mitigated merely by proper design and layout. Many of our customers marvel over the difference that a new duct system can make for comfort in their home.

Ducts need to be clean and clear to protect the air quality in your home. Leaky ducts deteriorate air quality because they accumulate pet dander, dust and mold, which can then be dispersed around your home. If return vents are undersized, air flow is restricted which causes indoor air quality to suffer.

When Breathe Easy of CNY, Inc designs and installs a new duct system, we have your comfort and air quality in mind, ensuring that the ducts are properly sealed to provide balanced comfort throughout your home. As a locally owned company, we are familiar with the unique challenges of comfort and energy efficiency in Central New York homes and have many solutions available.

For decades, Breathe Easy of CNY has designed ductwork that follows industry best practices, resulting in optimum performance of your heating system. Our ductwork installation services are all done in-house, consistently delivering a quality product to our customers.