Oil Furnaces

We carrry all popular models of Bryant and Tempstar oil fired furnaces.

Tempstar strives to bring you the most advanced products possible. Choose Tempstar and you choose a brand that meet and even exceed your expectations. Tempstar, know for its technical expertise and innovative spirit.

The Tempstar® line of oil furnaces lets you take advantage of new technology to cut your energy costs. Most older oil furnaces have efficiency ratings as low as 60% to 70% AFUE † . This means that for every dollar you spend on heating, 30 to 40 cents of it disappears right up the chimney! In contrast, high-efficiency Tempstar oil furnaces feature over 83% AFUE. That makes it possible for you to increase your home’s heating efficiency and your energy savings.

If your family likes the fuel-efficiency and clean-burning performance of an oil system, take a look at our dependable Bryant Preferred™ Series or powerful multi-speed Legacy™ Line oil furnaces. Remember, the higher the AFUE rating, the more energy cost-saving the unit will be. Many models are available - below are a few of Bryant's product brochures:

OVL/OVM series Model CVM Models: OBL, OBM
Models: CBL, CBM    

Tempstar Product Brochure:


Overview of the PS 90

The PS 90 gas furnace, sold by Tempstar, carries a 90% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. Features include:

  • Optimal heat transfer and durability thanks to the aluminized steel heat exchanger and the stainless steel secondary heat exchanger

  • An induced draft blower for efficiency

  • Multi-speed circulation blower

  • Quiet operation

  • Provides heat on demand thanks to the hot surface-to-pilot ignition

  • Easy installation

  • The unit is also designed to accommodate humidifier and air cleaning accessories

Overview of the PS 90-DV

Tempstar is a heating and cooling company that offers a range of HVAC products including the PS 90-DV furnace. (Tempstar also makes the PS 90 -- the DV in this series stands for "Direct Vent".) The PS 90-DV series operates at 90% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and qualifies for the Energy Star label.

The features of this furnace include:

An RPJ stainless steel and primary heat exchangers to capture the additional heat generated by the furnace

An induced draft combustion blower which contributes to the durability

The Tempstar PS 90-DV furnace is very quiet thanks to the direct vent

Heating on demand is available thanks to the multispeed PSC circulation

Reliability is enhanced by the advanced silicon nitride igniter

Overview of the SmartComfort DLX 80

The DLX 80 is a low-efficiency single-speed furnace, with an energy efficiency rating of 80%. Its heat exchanger is made from aluminized steel and uses a ripple-edged design. There's thermal lining on the cabinet to reduce noise. The system is monitored and managed by electronic controls, but it lacks many of the features available for Tempstar's more advanced models.

The DLX 80 contains a humidifier and air cleaner for improving the quality of air as it's being heated. Other special features include interior UV lights to kill off microbes that might otherwise grow on the coils.

Overview of the SmartComfort VS 80

Promoted by the manufacturer as a reliable and durable unit, the Tempstar SmartComfort VS 80 (or F8MV) is a variable speed, two-stage gas furnace achieving 80 percent AFUE. It can be installed in tight spaces thanks to its 33-inch height, is functional with many thermostats and is available in multi-position models. If the VS80 is installed in a downflow orientation, a downflow vent guard kit is required.

The VS 80 features an ECM variable speed motor that, according to the manufacturer, will save energy by operating more frequently at a low speed than the higher available speed. The unit’s variable-speed blower improves the quality of indoor air by removing moisture while cooling the home. Sound production is minimized by the solid steel, thermal-lined cabinet surrounding the blower. The heat exchanger is manufactured with corrosion-resistant aluminized steel and interlocking seams, making it durable against cracking or separating.

Equipped with a reliable direct hot surface ignition system and safety features that control the temperature limit, the VS 80 shuts off in the event of a system blockage. An electronic control system will communicate diagnostic information.

Many other models are available - stop in or call and we will be happy to discuss which model is right for you.