Product Knowledge

Heating, Air Conditioning & Air Quality Systems

Today's heating and cooling equipment offers advanced technology which has significantly improved energy effeciency as well as consistantly maintaining the comfort level of your home. Our staff here at Breathe Easy of CNY has acquired the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to do the job right - and do it right the first time.

Installing and/or repairing furnaces, hot water heaters, or air conditioners is not a job for the home owner, part time mechanic or DIYer.

Working as an HVAC technician requires a vast amount of knowledge, whether installing, repairing, or maintaining a unit and one must be familiar with a wide range of data, systems, and other processes. To be a successful HVAC technician, one must have the following qualities:

1. Has Knowledge of Technical Data: A great HVAC technician will have vast knowledge and understanding of technical data, including specifications, schematics, ladder logic, and blueprints.

2. Has Knowledge of Systems and Controls: A great HVAC technician understands how different systems work and what their controls do, and also understands the processes of hot water heating, steam heating, air conditioning, and water cooling.

3. Is Familiar with Testing Equipment: A great HVAC technician is able to perform system testing using equipment such as airflow meters, humidity recorders, voltmeters, and ohmmeters.

4. Strong Communication Skills: A great HVAC technician has strong communication skills and is able to communicate effectively both orally with customers, supervisors, and fellow staff, as well as in writing to prepare reports, instructions, and specifications.

5. Shows Good Computer Skills: A great HVAC technician has good computer skills and can use various software programs to retrieve job assignments, monitor and control systems, and perform other computer tasks.

6. Is Aware of Safety Standards: A great HVAC technician is aware of the various safety hazards that are associated with the job as well as methods of preventing accidents.

7. Employs Various Troubleshooting Skills: A great HVAC technician is skilled at troubleshooting and can quickly determine where problems stem from when inspecting a system in need of repair.

8. Has Excellent Customer Service Skills: A great HVAC technician has excellent customer service skills and can interact well with customers. They are able to explain how systems work or what kinds of repairs are needed in plain English to those who may not be so familiar with HVAC terms. They are patient, comfortable answering questions, and follow-up as needed.

9. Shows an Interest in Advanced Training: A great HVAC technician recognizes that technology is always advancing and pursues continuing education opportunities to stay on top of the industry. They take training courses or study on their own.

10. Has Knowledge of HVAC-Related Codes: A great HVAC technician is familiar with applicable codes, such as NFPA, IBC, UBC, BOCA, NFC, and NEC.